Ice Press ZENITH

Why Do We Need an ZENITH Ice Press for Making Perfect Cocktails?

What is the main reason why cocktail enthusiasts and professional barmen need the proper equipment like an ZENITH Ice Ball Maker Press to produce their drinks? They are interested in creating high-quality cocktails that can be described as chilled, nice, with alcoholic strength (for spirits), with the appropriate texture, and an unforgettable taste. No matter what kind of beverage they want to create, true mixologists depend on using the universal mechanisms for the ice-making process.

Great cocktails are drinks that taste great. Employing an ZENITH Ice Press, it’s easy to achieve the required goal, namely to craft ice pieces in a round shape. Crafted ice items represent rather large spheres (65 mm). Due to their size, it takes more time for ice pieces to melt. What does it mean? It shows that larger surface areas of ice reduce the dilution process in the glass. Chilling whiskey, wine, soda, cola, or even beer is as easy as one, two, and three, if you employ an ice ball press kit.

If you plan to achieve positive results in making perfect cocktails at home or at a bar, cafĂ©, or restaurant, rely on professional equipment. It’s not a secret that the colder the drink, the better it tastes. Our aluminum ice presses, manufactured by ZENITH, is what you need to preserve the top quality of your liquid.

The ZENITH Ice Press is designed to ensure the melting of ice through gravity and the heavy weight of the aluminum box. As a result of this formation process, an ideal form of ice sphere emerges. Our ice press machine is rather heavy to perform its functions effectively. Due to high pressure, it takes less than a minute to press ice cubes.

Hence, consider the benefits of employing the ZENITH ice press: stylish design, heavy weight, good construction, stability, and functionality. There’s no need to use electricity for its operation. Don’t hesitate to join the community of happy customers who follow the existing tradition of chilling cocktails! Place an order online and enjoy your product!

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