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The Importance of Using an Ice Ball Press for Crafting Chilled Cocktails

Are you a cocktail enthusiast or a non-professional bar chef? Our ice ball maker is for you. Crafting cocktail drinks on the rocks requires effort and imagination. It’s not enough to mix all the ingredients listed in your recipe. The most important thing is to serve the prepared drink effectively. The key requirement is to chill cocktails. When you pour whiskey, cola, wine, or any other liquid into a glass, you should put a piece of ice on the bottom to create a unique feeling of satisfaction with taste. Ice balls do not melt immediately because of their large surface area. This effect leads to less dilution of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Ice Press ZENITH "Sphere" and gift box

Historically, cocktail makers produced the required effect by using special silicon molds or trays. The invention of an ice press facilitates the process of cocktail serving at home. Now you needn’t worry about the quality of your drink. With this ice ball press kit, you can save time crafting your ice spheres. It takes less than a minute to make clear ice crystals in the shape of large balls.

Exquisite, crystal-clear ice balls will turn your favorite beverage into a fantastic one. Large-sized, round ice pieces tend to melt rather slowly, making your cocktail perfectly chilled and more tasty. Make your friends’ experiences more enjoyable by incorporating ice balls into various types of drinks. The bigger the ice sphere, the slower the dilution. 55 mm is the appropriate size of crystals for generating great beverages at your home bar.

This pressing machine, made of aluminum and stainless steel, is easy to use and clean. Conductive materials guarantee positive results when you employ this ice ball mold press to melt and mold ice pieces.

The impressive design allows you to match your home bar interior. Silver is the traditional color of cookware products. If a spherical ice press fits the color scheme of your home bar decor, you’ll be happy. Everyone will give you credit for your mixology fashion sense. Don’t hesitate to purchase this useful tool for making crystal-clear ice press sphere to add to your whiskey glass.

Ice made in ice presses ZENITH

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