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Today we offer an amazing Ice Press ZENITH “Sphere 55 mm” for big fans of cocktail culture, namely an ice ball press that deserves trust. This is a wonderful mechanism for making cool, smooth, and wickedly good beverages of your choice. It does not matter what kind of beverage you are going to serve to your guests. The great news is that this barware instrument is ideal for home and bar usage.

Consider the main characteristics of the Zenith product that motivate many consumers to make their purchasing decisions:

  • The materials used for manufacturing an ice ball pressing machine are aluminum and stainless steel. These materials are considered to be eco-friendly for humans as their features are safe for food consumption.
  • The silver color selected for this ice ball maker press is a universal color tone for modern cookware.
  • The round shape of ice balls gives a nice aesthetic to the presentation of cocktails. Moreover, this shape is important for the effect of reduced dilution. A longer time is required for ice balls to melt. This is the main argument for utilizing an ice ball press for mixology.
  • Our ice press is an ideal choice for home bar use. It’s easy-to-carry, stable, and highly functional. By using this tool, everyone can successfully carve large ice balls for their cocktails. There’s no need to be a professional at this activity.
  • Our ice ball press is manufactured with the help of high technology machinery. Each product has its unique number engraved on the upper side of the pressing surface by means of laser machines.
  • This model of an ice press will become a great supplement to your home bar interior.
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Ice Press ZENITH 55mmIce Press ZENITH 55mmIce Press ZENITH 55mm

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 14 cm