ZENITH Ice Press Diamond

Stylish Ice Presses for Cooling Your Tasty Cocktails

If drinking cocktails is your favorite leisure activity, you should be happy to start making mixed drinks by yourself with the help of an aluminium ice press. This mechanism is designed to assist in turning your whiskey, wine, milk, squeezed juice or other drink into a chilled one. There’s no need to use electricity to put the advertised product to work. A well-designed ice press is an essential tool for your cocktail ceremony or any other memorable event like a wedding or birthday party. A glamorous reception is always full of fun, a formal atmosphere, elegance, and a variety of hors d’oeuvres. Cooled beverages crafted with a diamond shape ice press will impress your guests, especially if they expect something unforgettable from this event. If you have a great desire to follow the traditions of cocktail culture that are widely recognized and honored, host your celebration in the manner of Amphitryon.

Ice made in Ice Presses ZENITH

By choosing our silver ice ball press, you trust Zenith manufacturers and designers. This instrument is made of safe material: high quality aluminium coated with elox anodizing technology that guarantees durability, functionality, and stability. The size of ice diamonds is appropriate for users (65 mm). Just imagine that an ice piece in the shape of a diamond rests on the bottom of your glass filled with the drink of your choice.

Tom, a professional cocktail server from Austria says that this ice press is as easy to use as one, two, three. “You can turn your previously made items of ice into ideal-shaped ice diamonds. It’s amazing!”

Thanks to the tasteful design of this ice press, you’ll turn your kitchen decor into a stylish one. The engraved number on your pressing machine is a sign of uniqueness. Hence, you’ll get not only a premium-quality ice ball press for cooling your exclusive cocktail, but you’ll also obtain a valuable piece of kitchenware.

Alice, a home bar owner from Israel confirms that this amazing instrument allows her to immensely impress her friends every time she invites them to her family party. “Everyone feels overwhelmed with my cocktail party planning and preparation. Ice diamonds give zest to drinking various beverages.”


Ice made in Ice Presses ZENITH

Don’t hesitate to select the best ice press from the collection of Zenith items we offer you today. Visit our store right now! You should remember that ice crystals found in the cocktail glasses of your friends or guests during your party look really impressive. To inspire others, craft perfect soft drinks and exotic hard stuff! It’s ideal for café and restaurant professionals and home bar enthusiasts.

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